In order to closely observe San Diego, explore the city’s rich food scene. Food is the best way to understand a place and its people.

Book flight tickets to San Diego with United Airlines, and visit the city to learn about its cool cuisine scene by indulging into the top five must-have delicacies, served in the city.

Top 5 must-try foods in San Diego

  1. Mini Desserts
Mini Desserts

Returning from San Diego without trying out mini desserts from Extraordinary Desserts is a big no-no! Presented in various flavors, the mini desserts are enough to satiate your complete sugar cravings.

  • Fish Tacos
Fish Tacos

You can easily find fish tacos all over in San Diego. This tasty dish contains deep-fried white fish cod-coctionsin corn tortillas, topped with shredded cabbage, crema, pico de gallo(a type of salsa), hand lime juice. It makes up for the best brunch food option in the city.

  • Ceviche

This is a Latin American dish which is very popular in Philippines. Since, San Diego is home to a large population of Filipino Americans, this dish is an equally important part of culinary manifestation of this city. Served in creamy and tangy taste, the dish contains raw chunks of fresh fish along with ample local seafood and fruits. The dish is spiced with peppers and gingers, giving it somewhat an Asian Vibe.

  • Pot pies
Pot pies

Craving delicious breakfast in San Diego? Head to Snooze AM Eatery which serve you a fresh pot pie with an egg on top. This dish is among the top breakfast options in the city.

  • Duck Fat Fries
Duck Fat Fries

You must have tried potato finger chips fried in ordinary oil, but have you ever tried those fried in rendered duck fat? On visiting San Diego, try duck fat fries from Searsucker. The rich flavored fries are one of the best treats you can have in the city.

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